Decline of the Cold War Certainties 1973-1989

Nixon and Foreign Affairs

President Richard Nixon announces that he will visit China in 1972

President Richard Nixon announcing Strategic Arms Limitiation Treaty (SALT) talks

Video on Strategic Arms Limitiation Treaty (SALT)

Nixon and Brezhnev at the President’s country residence at Camp Daivd

Arab – Israeli (Yom Kippur) War 1973

Carter and Foreign Affairs

Video on SALT 2 Talks

Afghanistan in the 1970s (before the Russian invasion)

Iranian Hostage Crisis

Russia’s War in Afghanistan

Ronald Reagan and Cold War conflict in the 1980s

Ronald Reagan’s ‘EVil Empire’ Speech

Iran-Contra Affair

Genesis Music Video – Land of confusion

The Military Industrial Complex

Eisenhower and the Military Industrial Complex

Website with information about US government defence contracts and the impact of the military industrial complex

Military Industrial Complex

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