Ireland in the 1950s

Schooldays in the 1950s

Shopping in Ireland in the 1950s

Household products in the 1950s

Childrens toys in the 1950s

Transport in the 1950s

RTE Radio Archives 1950s

This link contains a podcast to a lecture by Professor tom Garvin on the economic problems in Ireland in the 1950s
Newspapers and public opinion during the Irish economic crisis of the 1950s

The story of Joe Spud Murphy setting up Tayto

Unemployed March 1954 blocking O’Connell Bridge in Dublin

Primary School in the 1950s

Dublin September 1957

The Dancehall Era

Did Ya’ Ever – Memories of a Dublin Childhood

Horse Racing in Clonmel in the 1950s

Irish Showbands 1950s

Brendan O’Brien and the Dixie Showband

The IRA ‘Border Campaign’ – Part 1

The IRA ‘Border Campaign’ – Part 2

The IRA ‘Border Campaign’ – Part 3

The IRA ‘Border Campaign’ – Part 4

The IRA ‘Border Campaign’ – Part 5

The IRA ‘Border Campaign’ – Part 6