Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985 and its aftermath

Text of the Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985

Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985

Information on the CAIN website about the Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985

CAIN – Anglo-Irish Agreement

Excerpt from book on Northern Ireland in the 1980s by Annerose Baumann dealing with the Anglo-Irish Agreement 1985

Northern Ireland in the 1980s

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Irish Taoiseach Garrett Fitzgerald sign the Anglo Irish Agreement on 15 November 1985

Unionist Protests against the Anglo-Irish Agreement

Part of a documentary outlining how the Anglo-Irish Agreement came about and how the Unionists reacted to the Agreement.

On 8th November 1987 the IRA planted a bomb at the Remembrance Day Parade in Enniskillen Co. Fermanagh. Eleven people were killed and sixty three injured. This video clip includes a poignant interview with Gordon Wilson whose daughter was killed in the Enniskillen bombing.

Miltown Cemetery Attack

On 6th March 1988 three IRA members, Daniel McCann, Sean Savage and Mairead Farrell were shot dead by the British SAS in Gibraltar. The three IRA members were planning an attack on British troops in Gibraltar but were unarmed when they were shot.


A Thames Television documentary on the Gibraltar Killings

On 16th March 1998 the funeral of the three IRA members took place to Milltown Cemetery in West Belfast. As the coffins were being lowered into their graves a lone Loyalist gunman, Michael Stone, launched a gun and grenade attack on the mourners at the funerals.

On 19th March 1988 the funeral of one of the victims killed during the attack at Milltown Cemetery, IRA member Caoimhín Mac Brádaigh, was taking place in Andersonstown in Belfast. During the funeral procession a car containing two British soldiers came upon the funeral cortege. Fearing another attack like the Miltown Cemetery attack, mourners surrounded the car attacked the two soldiers and dragged them off. The IRA later killed the two soldiers, David Robert Howes (23) and Derek Tony Wood (24).

List of the deaths that occurred in 1988 as a result of violence in Northern Ireland.


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