Sample Essays

Please note – these sample essays do not guarantee any mark in the actual exam – they have been added to this website for study and research purposes only

A small number of sample essays will be added to this page in the period before the Leaving Certificate exam. The files can be downloaded in word format.

Sample Essay – What factors led to the success of Sinn Fein in the 1918 General Election

Sample Essay – Why did the pro-Treaty side win the Civil War?

Sample Essay – How successful were Cumann na nGaedheals economic policies

Sample Essay – How well did Ireland, North and South deal with the social and economic problems of World War Two

Sample Essay – What steps did Irish Governments take to consolidate democracy, 1923-1945?

Sample Essay – To what extent was the Anglo Irish Treaty responsible for the Irish Civil War

Sample essay – During the period 1912-1920 what factors contributed to the partition of Ireland

Sample Essay – How did Anglo Irish relations develop during the period 1923 to 1949

Sample Essay – How did the Unionist Party in power respond to the challenges posed by the existence of a substantial nationalist minority within Northern Ireland

Sample Essay – What was the significance of the Eucharistic Congress

Sample Essay – Why were the Anglo-Irish Treaty negotiations controversial


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