Easter Rising 1916


Handout – The Easter Rising 1916

Easter Rising 1916 – Irish Times

Excellent Irish Times supplement about the 1916 Rising. Contains biographies and an examination of each day of the Rising. There are also primary sources , maps, archive photographs and a section for students.

Easter Rising 1916

1916 Perspectives and Personalities

Website from the National Library of Ireland on 1916 Rising

1916 Perspectives and Personalities

Easter Rising 1916 – Video

Very good Timelines TV video documentary of the Easter Rising 1916. A transcript of the video can be downloaded by clicking a link under the video.

Easter Rising 1916

Other Websites on Easter Rising

Extensive BBC coverage of the development of the Home Rule Campaign, the Easter Rising and finishing with the War of Independence. The site includes – Personality profiles, Photogallery, Radio archive, Eye witness accounts, Press archive

Easter Rising

Website with extensive list of links on all aspects of the Easter Rising –

The Easter Rising


Link to a Podcast from the History Show on NearFM discussing the Easter Rising

History Show NearFM

Link to a podcast entitled ‘Women and the Revolution’ where women who participated in the Easter Rising recall their experiences

Women and the Revolution

Link to Podcast containing a lecture on the Easter Rising by Professor Michael Laffan.
Easter Rising 1916


Easter Rising Video

Eyewitness accounts of 1916 Rising from two women who participated


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