The Anglo-Irish Treaty


Handout – Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921 Part 1

Handout – Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921 Part 2

Handout – Reaction to the Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921

UCC Multitext articles on the Anglo Irish Treaty Negotiations

The Treaty Negotiations

Document Gallery – Anglo Irish Treaty Negotiations

Link to a collection of primary sources related to the Anglo-Irish Treaty Negotiations from the National Archives – the resources include videos, minutes of meetings, draft proposals for the Treaty, letters etc.
Documnet Gallery

Powerpoint Presentations on Anglo-Irish Treaty

Archive video footage of the Treaty Negotiations

Short Video on the divisions caused by the Anglo-Irish Treaty

Three part BBC documentary on the ‘Anglo-Irish War’

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

TG4 Documentary on the Anglo-Irish Treaty

Link to a transcript of the Dail debate on the Treaty
Dail Debate on Treaty

Link to an article by Matthew Heintz on the Negotiating of the Anglo-Irish Treaty
Negotiating the Anglo-Irish Treaty

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