The Secession of Katanga 1960-1965

Contextualisation Questions – Sample Answers

Why did Katanga secede (breakaway) from the Congo?

What was the impact of the secession of Katanga on the Congo?

Why did the attempt at secession by Katanga ultimately end in failure?

BBC Timeline on the History of the Congo
Timeline: Democratic Republic of Congo

BBC webpage on the Independence of the Congo in 1960
Case Study: Congo

US Library of Congress article on Katanga
The Secession of Katanga

Map with a Brief Account of the Crisis in the Congo
Congo Crisis 1960-1965

Deployment of Irish Troops to the Congo in 1960

Second video about Irish troops in the Congo

Text of Patrice Lumumba’s Independence Day Speech
Patrice Lumumba Independence Day Speech

The Text and other information about Lumumba can be accessed here –
Patrice Emery Lumumba

Three Part Video on the life of Patrice Lumumba
The Story of Patrice Lumumba – Part One

The Story of Patrice Lumumba – Part Two

The Story of Patrice Lumumba – Part Three

1960 Coup in the Congo

Article about Patrice Lumumba and the relationship between the Crisis in the Congo and the Cold War between the USA and the USSR.
Patrice Lumumba and the Congo’s Cold War

Universal Newsreel footage of the capture of Lumumba

BBC Report on the execution of Patrice Lumumba
Ex-Congo PM declared dead

Spartacus Webpage about Moise Tshombe
Moise Tshombe

Short Video about Mobutu coming to power and the Coup in 1965

A recent article from the Irish Times which talks about new evidence that suggests there was a cover-up in the United Nations in relation to the UN military offensive in Katanga ordered by Irish diplomat Conor Crusie O’Brien in 1961. The UN claimed that O’Brien had acted on his own initiative and the Un were not responsible. The UN had blamed O’Brien for the failure of the military offensive and this new evidence indicates that the UN covered up the actual evidence.

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