India – Timeline for British Withdrawal

1858 British Crown rule (the ‘Raj) established in India (ending a century of control by the
East India Company)
Two-fifths of the Indian sub-continent continued to be ruled by over 560 independent
principalities who made treaties with the British

1885 Foundation of Indian National Congress as an all-India, secular political party

1906 Foundation of Muslim League

1920 Mahatma Gandhi becomes leader of the Congress; begins Non-cooperation

1922, Civil Disobedience Movement (revived 1930-1934 and 1942)

1929 Lord Irwin promises Dominion Status for India

1935 Government of India Act receives the royal assent

1939 Viceroy announces that India is at war with Germany; Congress ministers resign

1940 Lahore Resolution of the Muslim League demands a separate state for the Muslims of

1942 Congress launches ‘Quit India’ movement and is declared an illegal organization


26 July: Labour Party comes to power in Britain
Dec (- Jan) General Elections in India


23 March-29 June: Cabinet mission visits India (16 May: constitutional scheme; 16
June: plan for formation of interim government)

16 August: ‘Direct Action Day’

2 September: Congress forms interim government with Nehru as Vice-President

13 October: Muslim League decides to join interim government

3-6 December: London conference of major Indian leaders aborted


20 February: Atlee (p.m.) announces British intention to leave India by August 1948

24 March: Mountbatten sworn in as Viceroy and Governor-General

2 June: Mountbatten (following Cabinet talks in London) gives Partition Plan to
Indian leaders

18 July: Indian Independence Bill receives royal assent

14-15 August (midnight): Power transferred.

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  1. Rama naidu says:

    A really helpful condensation of history for my civil services preparation.
    Great work & thank you
    Rama Naidu.s

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