Communism in Russia

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Political Groupings in Russia 1917
Edco Podcasts
Talking History Podcasts
Key Point Diagrams
Stalin’s Five Year Plans – Video
The Show Trials
What Happened the Bolshevik leaders after 1917

Flowchart – Political Groupings in Russia 1917

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Russian Revolution Party Breakdown

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Edco Podcasts

Lenin and Russia

Stalin’s Russia

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Talking History Podcasts

Two Talking History Podcasts from Newstalk that you can download for free from iTunes.

This link will bring you to the Talking History iTunes page

Talking History

Lenin is podcast No. 2

The Russian Revolution is podcast No. 51

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Key Point Diagrams

Series of links on a variety of topics related to the Russian Revolution and Stalin. Click on ‘show hints’ on the centre left of the page. Pages cannot be downloaded but can be printed by clicking the printer on the centre right of page (remember to click ‘show hints’ before printing).

Russia 1914-1917 People, Events and Consequences

Imact of World War One on Russia

1917 – Who Rules after the Tsar?

October Revolution 1917

Russian Civil War

Stalin’s Economic Policy

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Stalin’s Five Year Plans – Video

History Faculty Video of the Industrialisation of the Russian Economy


The Stakhanovite Movement

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The Third Show Trial – Video

Youtube video clip (6 mins) about the show trial of Bukarin and 20 other defendants.

Youtube video of Leon Trotsky answering charges by the Stalinist Show Trials in a speech in Mexico in 1937 – Trotsky is speaking in English (3 mins 33 secs).

Stalin’s Show Trials – 3 Parts – it focuses on the Third Show Trial

BBC Documentary on Stalin, his rise to power and how he consolidated power.

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