Christmas Homework

Homework for the Christmas Holidays for Leaving Cert History

5th Year

Higher Level

Q.1. What part did one or more of the following play in US foreign policy: The Berlin Blockade; Korea; and Cuba?

Q.2. Why did the United States experience an economic boom, 1945-1968, and what was its impact on society?

Q.3. How successful was President Harry Truman in his handling of US foreign policy?

Ordinary Level
Answer each question – you must make five specific points for each question

1. How did Joe McCarthy contribute to a “red scare” in the US?
2. What problems did one the Berlin Blockade pose for the US?
3. How did President Harry Truman conduct foreign affairs between 1945 and1953?
4. How did Martin Luther King contribute to the Civil Rights Movement?
5. In what ways did Billy Graham represent religion in modern American culture?
6. What problems did one the Korean War pose for the US?
7. What was the importance of the Montgomery bus boycott (1956)?
8. What problems did one the Cuban Missile Crisis pose for the US?

4th Year

Higher Level

1. What were the main characteristics of the Nazi state in Germany between 1933 and 1939?
2. Which had the greater social and economic problems during the inter-war years, Britain or Germany? Argue your case, referring to
both countries.
3. What contribution did Joseph Goebbels and/or Leni Riefenstahl make to Nazi propaganda?
4. To what extent did Stalin transform the society and economy of the Soviet Union?

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