Visit by Tomi Reichental

Students and staff at St. Patrick’s Comprehensive School were fortunate to receive Tomi Reichental for a visit to the school last May. Speaking to a packed meeting of third year and transition year students and fourth and fifth year history students, Tomi recounted his experiences as a young boy in Slovakia and in Belsen Concentration Camp during the Holocaust. 35 members of Tomi’s immediate family lost their lives during the Holocaust. Students participated in a candle lighting ceremony to remember the victims who lost their lives as part of the Nazi’s Final Solution. After the meeting Tomi signed copies of his autobiography. Students and staff were delight that Tomi found time in his busy schedule to visit the school and our thanks to Ms. O’Mahony for her efforts in arranging the visit.

Dominic Haugh '13 003

Students lighting candles to remember the victims of the Holocaust

Dominic Haugh '13 008

Tomi Reichental speaking to students at St. Patrick’s Comprehensive School

Dominic Haugh '13 005

Students listening to Tomi speaking about his experiences in Belsen Concentration Camp

Dominic Haugh '13 012

Tomi Reichental with Mr. Morgan Heaphy, Principal of St. Patrick’s Comprehensive School, and members of the teaching staff.

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