4th Year Homework 16/2/2011

To be completed for Monday 28th February (Monday after the mid-term break)

Higher Level

Essay –

“To what extent did the Treaty negotiations and the Treaty itself lead to a serious split in the Sinn Fein Party?”

In this essay I would like you to concentrate on the construction of your essay paragraphs. Make one concrete point in each paragraph and explain why it is relevent to the essay question. At most two background paragraphs – the maximum mark you can receive for background is 12 marks. Remember the essay title asks about the impact of the “Treaty negotiations” and the “Treaty itself” so you must refer to both in your essay. Your essay should comprise a minimum of eight paragraphs (ideally ten) and target a minimum three paragraphs on the “negotiations” and three on the “treaty” (we went through 19 possible points that could be raised). Finally plan your essay before starting and keep an eye on how long it is taking to write it.

Ordinary Level

Use the same essay title as above – you are required to write five paragraphs outlining how the ‘negotiations’ and the ‘treaty’ split Sinn Fein. Maximum one paragraph on background.

Higher Level and Ordinary Level


Each student is required to have completed at least the first draft of the extended essay for the research project by the end of mid-term. Please email the extended essay as soon as you have completed it and I will send feedback.

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