4th Year Xmas Exam – Ordinary Level

The 4th Year Xmas Exam will take place during the double class on Monday 20/12/2010

Sample paper for ordinary level students –

Sample paper Ordinary Level Xmas 2010

Note that this is an example of one set of questions. Ordinary level students will have two sets of questions like the sample paper to answer.

Please note – this is a sample paper – these questions will NOT be on the exam paper on Monday.

Ordinary Level students should concentrate on studying the three case studies
1. Nuremburg Rallies on page 34
2. Jarrow March on page 139
3. Stalin’s Show Trials on page 58
plus on the key personalities (see the Europe 1920-1945 section for uploaded biographies of the key personalities)
and the key concepts
– fascism (page 3)
– totalitarianism (page 29)
– propaganda (page 33)
– communism (page 48)
– collectivisation (page 161)
– anti-semitism (page 180)

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