President Johnson and the Vietnam War

Handouts –
Handout – LBJ and Vietnam War Part 1
Handout – LBJ and Vietnam War Part 2

Very well-organised website from Digital History. It is an interactive module designed to give students the opportunity to conduct research, examine primary sources, and draw their own conclusions on the war.
The Vietnam War

A source-based study from the British National Archives that asks “Was Vietnam a turning point in the Cold War?” There are good explanatory notes on both the background history and on each of the source documents. An excellent student-orientated resource.
Was Vietnam the Turning Point in the Cold War?

Interesting article by the prominent US historian Robert Dallek where he assesses Johnson’s successes and failures. From the History News Network run by George Mason University.
How Do Historians Evaluate the Administration of Lyndon Johnson

Concise blog dealing the the Vietnam War
Teaching Vietnam

Powerpoint Presentation –

Lyndon B Johnson 1967 – ‘Why we are in Vietnam’

The Vietnam War – American Propaganda film

Documentary on Vietnam War

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