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Dictionary of Irish Biography

The Dictionary of Irish Biography is now available free to schools (through the Schools Broadband Network). The Biography database contains over 10,000 biographical articles detailing the lives and careers of Irish people who have been involved in all fields of … Continue reading

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Homework 09/09/2014

5th Year Ordinary Level Write a paragraph on the following 1. What was the ‘Iron Curtin’ and where did the term come from? 2. What was the Truman Doctrine? 3. What was the Marshall Plan? 4. What caused the Berlin … Continue reading

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Homework 3/9/14

4th Year 5th Year Ordinary Level Page 135 Comprehension Questions 1-14 Higher Level Page 136 Contextualisation Q. 3 ‘What was the origin of the Bus Boycott in Montgomery and how did it progress?’

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2014 Exam Papers Added

2014 Higher Level and Ordinary Level Exam papers for Leaving Cert History have been added here – 2014 Exam Papers

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New daily record

The website had a new daily record on Tuesday 10th June with 5,101 hits. In total just under 8,000 hits were recorded on 10th and 11th June.

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Advice No.5

Answer the question you are asked. Read the question and make sure you understand what you are being asked to do. What is the topic? What are you asked to do with the topic? Is there a timeframe? Is there … Continue reading

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Advice No.4

Make sure you study all three case studies for the document based question – any of them can come up in the exam. The Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921 The Eucharistic Congress 1932 The Belfast Blitz 1941

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